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Bridging tuning with TPU (FLEX)  

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Bridging tuning with TPU (FLEX)

I'm having a heck of a time getting decent bridges with TPU.  I am working with a situation where the structure is narrow and bridges are totally printed on perimeters.  Perimeters print/attach correctly, so issue #9999 doesn't apply.  The issue I'm having is that the initial part of the bridge is extremely thin, almost like stringing.  Once the bridge is 3mm or so underway, the bridge is the thickness it should be.  It's like there is too long a delay from when the bridge starts to when to parameters used in bridging kick in.  It seems like the bridging parameters need to be set somewhat before nozzle reaches the bridge.

I've tried tweaking nozzle temperature, bridging print speed and extrusion multiplier without much success.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this, or other parameters to tweak to get better bridges with TPU?

I'm using MatterHackers TPU, and so far the best bridges have been at:

  •   Nozzle Temp: 220 C
  •   Bridge Speed: 30 mm/s
  •   Extrusion Mult: 1.0
Posted : 19/11/2023 10:27 pm