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All kinds of mess  

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All kinds of mess

After reading many many posts I've decided to submit some pictures of my own.

What I have done:

  1. New nozzle.
  2. Cleaned print bed in all of the ways posted.
  3. First layer calibration seems fine, per all documentation.
  4. Tried adjusting the Z offset slightly lower and higher to see if has any affect.
  5. have heated, dehydrated, preheated the filament.
  6. put the entire 3d printer into a dry wooden box to maintain even temps.

What I observe:

  1. some burnt looking sections on the prints.
  2. curling at the back corners where the print comes up from the print surface.
  3. stringing of the filament off the top end of the print.
  4. Usually I can't get through an entire print before the whole print job fuses itself to the nozzle and drags around for an hour.

I would really appreciate some tips.

Posted : 07/12/2022 8:17 pm