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X-Axis Layer Shifts, My solution  

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X-Axis Layer Shifts, My solution

Don't need any help, just writing this so future people can find it.

  • I had X axis layer shifts randomly throughout my print when printing PETG.
    • Higher bedtemp than PLA and in a vented enclosure, max temp 35C 95F so not too hot.
  • Tightened the belts, lubricated everything, no solutions.
  • Noticed that I was actually having the Y axis detect crashes multiple times per print.
    • X axis would rehome after crashes, but due to zip tie placement would rehome at slightly different places, giving me X-Axis layer shifts.
  • Y axis is lubed up, belts are tight, no mechanical problems.
  • Turned off crash detection on the Y Axis and prints turned out great, no X-Axis layer shifting.

My theory: Something is wrong with the Y Axis crash detection that triggers when the bed gets too hot. (maybe the bearings bind a bit, or the control board gets hot from ambient... not sure) By just turning it off, I avoided the crash detection and re-homing which was giving me X-axis layer shifts.

Posted : 02/09/2021 4:59 am
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I've had crash detection turn off since forever, I found it to cause more issues than benefits.

Posted : 02/09/2021 11:11 am