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No filament extruding during print.  

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No filament extruding during print.

I have an ongoing issue where my printer will extrude filament (PLA) manually and when performing first layer calibration.

However, when I go to print anything, little to no filament comes out. I just don't seem to be able to rectify this issue.

Any help really appreciated. 

Posted : 22/05/2022 5:13 pm
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RE: No filament extruding during print.

I'm dealing with this exact same problem.  I can do a first layer Z thickness print and it looks good.  But if try to do a legitimate print, the printer slowly decreases the amount extruded until it's not extruding at all.  Last night I did some cold pulls to see if that does it.  If it didn't, I will be removing the nozzle and heating it with a torch to see if I can remove whatever obstruction is in there.

Posted : 24/05/2022 4:43 pm
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Try drying your filament first.


Posted : 25/05/2022 1:04 am