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Heat bed heats unevenly?  

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Heat bed heats unevenly?

This is the third Prusa MK3s that I have put together. The First two have no issues. Although the third one has some issues. Quality on it was less than the others. parts where brittle and easy to break not a problem as I reprinted those. the slid bearings on this one are also not great. I am guessing after Covid, they tried to make up time on it, etc, so quality is a little lower. But the Heat bed, Brand new. heats unevently and has a few hotspots on it. I have ran my hand accross it and those spots where the prints mess up burns my hand. At 90c I can usually run my hand accross it and feel the heat but not get burned. I pull my hand off so I don't get hurt. I have made sure my bed is level for the prints. even have seven point bed leveling on, I have completely cleaned the spring boards. This happens on textured and smooth. I do not see any scratches on the heat bed, but I have not checked on the underside of it so I will check later on that. have also checked that the thermistor is on the board ok.  In total there are three spots that it does this at. so far only have had printer for 3 weeks. and as long as I avoid printing in those areas, this one prints just as good as the others. Also the only filiment I have used on this one is Prusa Filiment

Can you think of any thing else I can do to remedy this problem 

Posted : 24/07/2020 2:40 pm