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Heatbed cold in front and back  

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Heatbed cold in front and back

I am having warping issues for prints that go outside the center 6 horizontal grid squares.

The center is at 60C but the front and back edges are just above room temperature around 24C. The middle area is too hot to hold my hand on but the edge squares are cool to the touch.

Grid point temperatures in Fahrenheit 

75 75 75 75 70

106 111 111 111 111 80

109 140 140 140 136 85

95 103 111 105 105 75

73 73 73 73 73 73 

I realize the edges may be cooler than the center but a 20C to 36C difference seems excessive and that difference is only front to back not left to right.

The top surface of the print bed looks pristine - no scratches.

I have an enclosure, but even after multi hour prints the front and back are still cool.

What are my next steps in trouble shooting this?

Posted : 02/03/2023 2:36 pm