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First few layer printing issues  

First few layer printing issues

Hi all, 

I have recently updated the firmware and am having real issues with the first few layers when printing. Its very inaccurate and missing lots of areas. After 3-4 layers is back to being perfect. 

I am also having issues with larger flat objects not adhering to the bed - the ends are curling up due to the heat.

As you can see by the pictures i have tried some glue but it doesn't seem to be helping.

Any help would be great.  

Posted : 10/03/2024 1:16 pm
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RE: First few layer printing issues

Looks like your nozzle is too high. 
Try adjusting Live Z

regards Joan

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Posted : 10/03/2024 4:18 pm
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As Joan said. Way to high. You do not need glue stick for PLA on the smooth PEI (glue stick is normally used as a seperating agent for example for PETG to reduce adhesion, not to increase it), clean it of completely with hot water and dish washing agent. Run first layer calibration on the clean sheet, go lower until it looks like it should.


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Posted : 10/03/2024 5:34 pm
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RE: First few layer printing issues


Posted by: @joantabb

Looks like your nozzle is too high. 
Try adjusting Live Z

regards Joan


     ^^^^ What she said.



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Posted : 10/03/2024 6:03 pm