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Question/Survey/Issue - First Layer Calibration  

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Question/Survey/Issue - First Layer Calibration

I have a i3 MK3S that I purchased and assembled in 2019.

I have been having issues lately with the first layer not sticking.

I have been running the First Layer Calibration Wizard and Live Adjust Z (with limited success)

Currently my Z level is at -1.250 

This seems excessive to me. I am wondering if this is normal and what other people have theirs set to?

Posted : 18/04/2024 8:11 pm
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That's typical; if you're unsure of your first layer run the built-in calibration and show us the result *on the print sheet*.


Posted : 18/04/2024 10:51 pm
RE: Question/Survey/Issue - First Layer Calibration


"A correct adjustment will show you an even surface (center picture), with no gaps between lines, nor ridges. As stated, the numeric value depends on the exact position of the P.I.N.D.A./SuperPINDA sensor, which will be unique to each machine and means nothing without a visual reference. However, a common range is from -0.400 to -1.500."

Don't let worrying about the numbers get in the way of getting the first layer right. Out of interest mine is -1.750

Posted : 18/04/2024 11:09 pm
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RE: Question/Survey/Issue - First Layer Calibration

That's a perfectly fine live z value. If you were close to -2, I'd reposition the PINDA sensor. 

Posted : 19/04/2024 12:27 am
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RE: Question/Survey/Issue - First Layer Calibration

Thank you both for your reply. I was mainly concerned that the live z value was to high. I'll keep tweeking the value and hopefully will get it finally right.
Thanks again. I'll leave another message when I get it resolved.

Posted : 19/04/2024 3:39 am