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1st Layer Resolution?  

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1st Layer Resolution?


I'm trying to print an object with a logo on the first layer.  The logo is pretty small, and the slicer seems to be ignoring some of the small details.  I had printed it at this scale before, so I'm not sure what setting I messed with that caused this issue.  What should I look at to adjust this?  

Images included of pre/post slicing.  



Posted : 16/03/2022 1:25 pm
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RE: 1st Layer Resolution?

Normally you would attach a project file so we could debug the issue easily.  File>Save project As from with PS.  Then take the saved .3mf file, zip it up and attach it.  Must be zipped or the forum doesnt accept the file.

Its is still likely that those features are smaller than your configured extrusion width.  As such the slicer just doesnt slice them.  If they were only 1 layer height then I would also point out that elephants foot compensation shrinks things in by the configured amount so if you had 0.2mm set (which is a common default) then the thin parts would be shrunk 0.4 and then still have to be wider than 0.45 or whatever your first layer extrusion width is set to for them to be sliced.  Practically this means bigger than 1mm with a 0.4mm nozzle.
However those features are taller than the first layer so elephants foot wouldnt normally apply to the higher layers and those are missing too.

Which is why I think they are simply too small for the settings you are using.  Post a project if you want better help.

Posted : 16/03/2022 3:30 pm