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Xaxis rod keeps getting groves in them  

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Xaxis rod keeps getting groves in them

My X axis rod on top keeps getting grooves in it.  I have replaced it 4 times and now my 5th rod has a groove in it too.  I have replaced the bearings 3 times and followed all the information given to me about packing the bearings and making sure the zip ties arent too tight and the hex bolts arent too tight.  Yet, here we are again, I have to buy another rod and bearings because of course my warranty is up.   WTF, is going on if you had the same problem and found a fix please let me know what you did, because everything I have done has not worked and I am sick and tired of it.

Posted : 29/11/2021 3:46 am
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RE: Xaxis rod keeps getting groves in them

Probably the bearings are packed to tight with grease causing the balls not to roll but slide on the rod, this will cause groves. The packing advise from many is meant well, but the load on these bearings is so low that most greases are to thick to work properly. I use a NLGI Grade 00/000 grease (GEAR GREASE EP 00/000) and this works for me, rods are still like new.

Posted : 31/12/2021 8:13 pm
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RE: Xaxis rod keeps getting groves in them

Mine has that problem as well. First thing is to make sure the two top bearings are secured with the bare minimum amount of force with the screws holding the back and main body of the extruder together. Back off the 3 screws until they are super loose, then tighten very gently just until you feel slight resistance, then stop. Also lube the top rail with the grease they provided very sparingly. 

I got new rods and bearings to replace them but just don't want the printer to be down that long and I don't feel like wasting an afternoon doing the swap. When I do swap I will clean the new bearings really well then lube them up with some special diamond oil I use in RC bearings. It is fantastic stuff and leaves micro ball bearings in the ball bearings. Then I will just give it a gentle kiss of the grease.  I'm hoping that will work. 

Tech support did say I may need to reprint the extruder parts where the bearings slot in. Not sure I'm down with that.

Posted : 31/12/2021 11:09 pm