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X-Carriage design question...  

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X-Carriage design question...


I'm a noob to Prusa Printers and would like to understand why the X-Carriage belt has a 2mm offset between pulley and motor sides. 

Pic for reference.

Is this for backwards compatibility to previous versions?  I had an issue earlier with chatter from the top bearings on the carriage (which I resolved) and this would certainly be a factor since the offset creates a moment on the carriage from the belt tension.


Posted : 10/04/2021 3:03 am
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RE: X-Carriage design question...

It's because the X-axis idler has a larger diameter than the pulley on the motor. If you look closely at the belts you can see they are parralel on both sides of the extruder but the two on the motor side are closer together.

Posted : 10/04/2021 7:24 pm