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which PEI surface to prefer?  

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Re: which PEI surface to prefer?

However I am having some issues with lifting prints with PLA. Wish I had ordered the smooth sheet at the same time......

I have the Textured sheet and I love it. For PETG I just wipe it off with alcohol. No problems with parts sticking. For PLA, I use a mix of Elmer's Purple liquid Glue at 1 part to 3 or 4 parts distilled water. I wipe a thin layer on with a sponge with the bed at around 60C or so. Leaves behind an ultra thin even layer of glue that can be washed off with water and re-applied again and again.

For PETG and PLA, the objects stick like crazy during the print and when it's done and cooled down, they just pop right off with very little effort. I have no need to use tools or even remove the plate to bend/pop the objects off.

Posted : 01/11/2018 12:20 am
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Re: which PEI surface to prefer?

I have the Powder coated textured sheet but due to a problem with my kit ( got some UK specific parts not the USA I use) I had some credit voucher to use and I used it for some Prusamelt to try and I added in the plain sticker sheet so I can compare the two. I have noticed with the powder coated sheet that after I do the scrub with dawn it is fine for a few prints if I get one that lets go I scrub with iso and if It still needs help I just scrub again with the dish detergent... I skip the nail polish remover as I don't like the smell :mrgreen:

Posted : 01/11/2018 2:22 am
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