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OG MK3 Upgrades - Key parts to change after 4 years?  

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OG MK3 Upgrades - Key parts to change after 4 years?

I have an OG MK3 printer (preordered in Jan 2018) that has been printing along for me the last 4 years quite nicely. Only ever printed PLA, so she hasn't been pushed too hard. But I tried some flexible material (Flexfill 98A) that didn't go so well, so I'm wondering if there's some hardware upgrades that can be done to get her up to speed for 2022 (still all 2018 parts).


Currently browsing through the forum / online store:

1. The Textured Powder Coated SS Sheet (I was supposed to get this with my preorder, but was delayed and removed from my order), is this better for print adhesion and temperature distribution?

2. SuperPINDA for better first layer stuff etc. I've never been fully happy with my first layers (remember doing a ton of tuning after building it), so not sure if this would remove further issues with new materials.

3. Nozzle / hotend upgrade? Not really sure on this one.

4. What's the new go to material? PETG seems like all the rage?

5. Print new printer parts to upgrade functionality? Maybe I should look to replace the belts, do they start to stretch?


Profile pic is of the printer currently pumping out TFM city tiles. First round failed because it sounded like the extruder was skipping, which has never happened before (and hence this topic). Might be because the PLA is old, might be because of the detail of the parts, might be because she's been ol' reliable the last couple years and needs some TLC.

Posted : 18/01/2022 4:51 am
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RE: OG MK3 Upgrades - Key parts to change after 4 years?

I don't actually think much needs changing, but I'm sort of compulsively driven to modify things.

Mine came with the textured build sheet and it's the only one I've used since I bought the printer three years ago. I personally love it, but I am interested in the Satin sheet that more recently came out and is similarly unobtanium at the moment.

As for the rest,

  1. I added the SuperPINDA more out of curiosity than anything else. I don't measure much of anything so I can't say if it made a lot of difference. I was having to set the Z-offset more often with the original PINDA though, and I don't now.
  2. I upgraded my nozzle to a Slice Engineering Mosquito, along with a Bondtech Extruder, and the Bondtech SLS X-carriage. That's been great and solved a jamming issue I was having on some filaments. Plus I really like how much easier it is to change nozzles with the Mosquito. Done over though, and now that the "Mosquito Shortcut" is available, I probably would go for that and the Bondtech LGX extruder.
  3. I've printed in PETG since I got the printer. I picked it for its mechanical and environmental properties and accepted any downsides. I personally love the stuff, but hadn't realized it was growing in popularity.
  4. I do intend to implement some of the revised printer parts that came out with the "+" upgrade of the printer. Particularly around the Y-axis rails. I'm not sure I'm having a problem per-se, but I intend to break the printer down for a good clean and re-lubing of all the bearings, so I may as well.


Posted : 18/01/2022 3:25 pm
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RE: OG MK3 Upgrades - Key parts to change after 4 years?

Thanks for the feedback, it has been working great for me so doesn't seem like it needs anything major then. Just some TLC and some new filament. 


Going to grab the SuperPINDA, see if I can lay my hands on either of the satin or textured sheets, and grab some petg to play with. Maybe print some + parts as well. To another 4 years! 

Posted : 20/01/2022 5:36 am
Chicago Keri
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The SuperPinda is totally worth it.  It helped me with a particularly difficult 10mm x 300mm PETG print that I made a lot of.

Upgrading to the latest MK3s+ printed parts and the new filament sensor is worthwhile.

Your E3D v6 is OK, but difficult to switch nozzles.  I would replace it with the upcoming E3D Revo Six which should be a direct drop-in replacement. The Six has easiest possible nozzle swaps and many other improvements.  I use a Slice Mosquito which is a much better hotend but requires modified extruder parts.

The original belts are probably OK but the Idler Pulleys might be worn. 

I find three different bed materials helpful.  The Satin gives a great finish but some filaments, like ASA don't stick well.  The Textured has a little more grip and has the textured finish. And the plain PEI sheet has best adhesion for me at least.  I am currently experimenting with FR4 as well.

PETG is a very good filament.  I also use a fair bit of ASA and even printed out a Polycarbonate fan shroud / duct as even the ASA one was getting a little melty after much use.

And, unless you intend to switch to the upcoming Revo Six, absolutely get  a spare heater cartridge, spare thermistor, spare heatbreak and spare heater block or just an entire spare hotend.  You will need some of the above sooner or later, probably sooner.

Happy Printing!



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