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Metal Upgrade Parts for Prusa Models  

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Metal Upgrade Parts for Prusa Models

Does anyone know of any metal parts that can be interchanged with the original 3d printed ones?

Was looking around but did not find much. 

  • Does anyone know if it would even be worth it to have metal parts instead of printed stuff? its cheaper, yes, but is anyone else in the market for certain original prusa parts to be metal? 
  • I was looking to find metal brackets or metal structural parts, but is that necessary and what parts would even be worth having in metals like aluminum or steel ?

What does the community think about metal parts? Any opinions on this would be helpful b4 I drop $$ on upgrades if they exist. 

Thanks 👍 

Posted : 17/03/2020 11:05 am
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RE: Metal Upgrade Parts for Prusa Models

Metal parts on the extruder would result in increased weight which will affect printing at higher movement speeds, well actually it's not the speed that is the issue, but getting to it and stopping again.

You will still be able to print, but you will have increased ringing, could potentially get layer shifts.

The Z motor brackets if the mounts were accurately made wouldn't be a problem as they don't move and probably the X carriage as it does not move as much, but you ideally want to shave weight off the extruder not increase it.

Y axis motor bracket and tensioner could benefit from metal construction, but to be honest, I have no issues with mine, If you reprint them yourself with a higher density gyroid infill, then they are stiffer than the PRUSA supplied parts.

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Posted : 17/03/2020 12:09 pm
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RE: Metal Upgrade Parts for Prusa Models

I seem to remember reading that there are cast metal processes that use 3d printed object in a lost wax (although in this case I guess lost plastic) process. Not silly pricey apparently.


Posted : 17/03/2020 1:38 pm
RE: Metal Upgrade Parts for Prusa Models

I recall this being discussed here before - I think the conclusion was that there wasn't much of a benefit to be gained over well-printed plastic unless you have very specific needs (e.g. printing at temperatures where plastic parts would deform). 

The other downside is that if the part revision/design changes, you're back to plastic and have to spend even more $$$ to get a new version of the metal part. 

Basically... there are far more meaningful places to spend money if you are looking for print quality improvements. The frame and plastic parts are not the limiting factor in the design.

Posted : 17/03/2020 2:04 pm
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RE: Metal Upgrade Parts for Prusa Models

I updated my i3 with aluminum parts and I love them.

I found them on AliExpress, the brand is Funsoor

This is one example:


David DLC

Posted : 29/03/2023 11:30 pm