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MK3S+ parts available from 3.9 upgrade  

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MK3S+ parts available from 3.9 upgrade

I recently finished the MK3S+ upgrade to MK3.9 and have a bundle of parts I no longer have a use for.

Click image to view in full:

  1. Optical filament sensor and cable (from original MK3, old method)
  2. LCD and ribbon cables
  3. Einsy RAMBo in community enclosure mod
  4. Hot end assembly with nickel plated copper heat block and titanium heat break.  It's currently built with multiple community mods. There's also a couple extra extruder gear set screws and heat block set screws.
  5. Heater cartridge, heat block thermistor and print fan.  All brand new, never installed since they were never needed.
  6. Super Pinda.  Also brand new and never installed since I procrastinated on maintenance long enough that the 3.9 upgrade came available.
  7. Heat bed thermistor and power cable.

Everything listed here was in use and working before I upgraded (except the filament sensor, that was replaced a long time ago).  In fact this is what printed all the upgrade parts.

I'm in Taylors, SC, just outside of Greenville.  If anyone is in this area it's yours if you want it.  I'll also entertain shipping it as long as the shipping costs aren't crazy, which probably rules out any non-US locations.

Hope this stuff can find a new home.  PM me if you're interested.

Posted : 13/11/2023 8:45 pm