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Y axis belt holder-Screw stuck?  

Matt L
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Y axis belt holder-Screw stuck?

I recently assembled the MK3S+ kit and I found that my Y axis belt tension was not sufficient. Per instructions, I tightened the screw which connects the two printed belt holders, but I forgot that it is held on the other end by a nyloc nut, thus should not screwed so far in.

I also realized the tension issue can probably be fixed by adjusting the length of belt held into the holder. The problem is I can't properly screw back in the holder without taking out the larger M3x30 screw.

Any suggestions on how to get the screw out(see picture below), or should I just try to get another set of 3D printed holders?

Posted : 22/02/2021 5:04 pm
Dan Rogers
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RE: Y axis belt holder-Screw stuck?

Tap tap tap with a small hammer.  Once the nut is backed all the way off of the screw, it should come apart with some love.

Posted : 24/02/2021 4:03 pm