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print issues  

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print issues

I was able to assemble my printer and had been using it for a couple weeks. Prints were perfect or very good with nothing specific to complain about. I had not lubricated the machine and I started getting x axis errors. There was nothing in the x axis blocking it, I saw a recommendation to lubricate the machine. I did. I re ran xyz calibration a couple times but nothing fixes this. I have the belt tensioner test and X and Y are in the middle. Any ideas or suggestions on what to try? Could this happen due to wrong first layer calibration?  I had 7x7 test points enabled.

Posted : 28/01/2022 2:53 pm
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It won't hurt to go through a first regular maintenance cycle:

Once the machine is stable you can drop the frequency back but as a new machine settles down settings can creep so a couple of extra maintenance sessions are usually a help in the early days.

Also there are signs that your filament may be damp which also impacts quality, try drying it.

Your first layer Z offset is a fraction low but I would leave it where it is, it is so close that as your nozzle wears it may well improve.

Come back here if problems persist...



Posted : 28/01/2022 3:30 pm
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RE: print issues

I also see evidence that your bed may not be clean enough.  Search the forums for bed cleaning techniques, dish soap and 91% Isopropyl Alcohol are favorites.



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Posted : 28/01/2022 3:38 pm