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Not a 1st Print problem necessarily  

Les DeFoor
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Not a 1st Print problem necessarily

So, have had my printer since early 2018. Upgraded it to MK2 (missed the next one by 2 days).

This is the first time I am starting to print with Supports. I have never really ever needed supports before, but am starting to print characters and they have a lot of crazy overhangs.

I am running into a problem where it seems the supports are being broken off as the extruder runs over them, causing the support to break loose or to not be available for the part to set on.

I have tried it in Slicer3D and also S3D and I get the same results.

Having never printed supports with S3D (or at all actually), what are some good things to look at modifying? 

Pretty much will be printing with PLA, but if I get the support stuff down well, might try a few things with Carbon Fiber infused PLA.

Posted : 04/03/2021 7:15 pm
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RE: Not a 1st Print problem necessarily

If using another slicer did you import the settings for the mk2 correctly?  First I would retry the print with prusa slicer, make sure to set for correct model.

Could  be over extrusion, or possibly something loose, check your bed movement front to back has no play, same with x gantry. (Switch off and move them slowly as generates a back current) check for side play on both axis.

Watch this video with common problems, might help.


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Tank you very much!

Posted : 05/03/2021 9:14 am