Underextrusion issues after hot end replacement
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Underextrusion issues after hot end replacement  

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Underextrusion issues after hot end replacement

So, after a week of dissecting and troubleshooting, I can't figure out what's going on. I was having heat creep issues and my printer is pretty old, so I decided to go ahead and overhaul the hotend, replacing the thermistor, heat block, heat break, heater cartridge and new nozzle. Now, the extruder is underextruding by a good bit. When I extrude 100mm, it only actually extrudes ~20mm. I've disassembled everything multiple times to check for clogs and reassembled the hot end to spec and still can't get proper extrusion. I've also tried different filaments, same result.

The heat break is a genuine E3d V6 but the heat block is an amazon generic V6. Can't think of anything else? Thinking about just ordering the assembled hot end from Prusa but want to make sure there's not an issue with the extruder motor first.

Posted : 29/05/2023 3:52 pm