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MK2/S sensor issues  

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MK2/S sensor issues

So  about a year ago I had a print fail, still not sure what happened but the Pinda plastic tip was snapped off and ruined.  I thought I would use this to upgrade my printer.  I bought the MK2 to MK2S upgrade kit, the MK2S Pinda probe and the printed parts to upgrade the machine.  I upgrade everything and tried calibrating the unit but the probe, while trying to find the first calibration point, starts pushing down on the bed.  I spent hours adjusting heights and nothing helped. 

I had to give up on it for a while (medical issues) and today I was finally able to get back to it.  I figured with new firmware, hopefully my issue would be resolved.  The sensor does read a screw driver under it at a couple mm away but it physically has to be touching the heat bed in order for it to find any of the calibration points.  How close to the bed should the sensor come before it reads the calibration points?

Did Prusa just send me a bad sensor or is there something else I am missing here?  I ordered the parts last September so I am guessing my surgeries screwed me out of any warranty claims but I am not even sure that's the issue.

Posted : 05/08/2019 11:54 pm
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RE: MK2/S sensor issues

I would have a word with the Customer support chat line and see what they have to say

It's on the bottom right corner of the eShop page
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Posted : 06/08/2019 12:13 am