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strange LCD behavior  

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strange LCD behavior

Hello all,

I haven't found something similar with the forum search so I'll just start a new topic.
I noticed a strange LCD behavior which I want to know if it is normal or not.

When the printer is switched off but still plugged into power and I move the X-axis manually the LCD starts flashing from time to time.
It seems to get some electricity to light up the display.
The same happens with the Y-axis.

How is this possible? Is this "normal" or is there any issue I have to be aware of?

Thanks in advance for any answers.


Posted : 03/02/2017 5:16 pm
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Re: strange LCD behavior

The movement of the motor acts like a generator and feeds power back into the system. This is normal, but I would not move it around for an extended peroid of time.

Edit: This will occur on any printer, regardless of if it has a lcd screen or not.

Posted : 03/02/2017 5:29 pm
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Re: strange LCD behavior

I already though something like this.
I just wanted to be sure.

Thanks for your reply Ryan!

Posted : 03/02/2017 5:33 pm