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Thermal Runaway out of the blue with latest Firmware  

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Thermal Runaway out of the blue with latest Firmware

Dear Mr. Prusa

after upgrading my Prusa 2.5s to latest Firmware the printer starts having the issue "Thermal Runaway" what is quite painful if you are on a print which lasts 8+ hours and then in the last 5-10% of the print you get this bloody error.

Checking cables sensors is all fine, going back to the older Version will eliminate this issue, so I am able to reproduce it.

I would realy recommend that you add an Option to continue printing, or to have an Option available to get a alarming when it happens to check the Printer without breaking the current print. You could also go further if the User is not reacting after 15-30 minutes to the Alarm to shutdown the Printer, but if he approves the Alarm print can continue, the current handling of this error is not user friendly.

I uderstand that it is a saftey functionallity, but this bloddy shutown produces a lot of waste and costs a lot of money, and the handling could be done in a more user friendly way.

Thanks for understanding my frustration


Posted : 14/01/2022 11:45 am