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[Solved] Printer Bricked after Flashing?  

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Printer Bricked after Flashing?


As the new Prusa slicer update (first one i got in 1-2 Years) urged me to update my Prusa MK 2.5S also, i tried doing so.

But after Flashing, the printers Screen was completely full with white rectangles, i didnt thought anything by it, as the slicer said flashing was sucessful.

so i powered it off and on again, now it only shows 2 white lines of rectangles.

I tried using the mk 2 software version, this resulted in a constant beep,

i switched the usb port from the PCs front to the motherboard, i think its worth noting that the serial port was always displayed as Prusa Mk2, not mk2.5, and it also stayed COM5

Factoy reset doesnt work, as the Display doesnt show anything else. And the reset button on the Rambo board also does nothing.

The Printer was running just fine before, so it has to be a software thing.


Now i wonder if my board is bricked, and if so how can i repair it? 


Posted : 09/05/2022 6:05 pm
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RE: Printer Bricked after Flashing?

Ok, solved it, a friend told me i installed the wrong Softwareversion, which depends on which RAMBo you have.

Posted : 09/05/2022 6:55 pm