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Measuring first layer?  

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Measuring first layer?

I am currently First layer calibrating my MK2.5S and I was wondering if there was a way to measure the thickness of the first layer to see if my settings were good.  Is there a better way to calibrate first layer than the manual says?  


Posted : 30/11/2019 1:22 pm
RE: Measuring first layer?

Hi Christopher, 

I use the Mk1 Eyeball to 'Measure' the quality of my first layer, and I use Jeff Jordan's test models from the thread below, instead of the Prusa First layer calibration...

the test patterns for PLA, PETG and ABS are at the bottom of the first post

make sure you have 7x7 mesh bed levelling turned on in the printer LCD Configuration menu, then run the appropriate print and see how the surface looks...

If the strands remain individual strings of spaghetti, your live Z number is too small, you need to go more negative... (using the 'Live Z' option on the LCD Menu)

If your surface is rough and the print starts perhaps to ruck up Your live 'Z' is too big a number, you need to go less negative...

if your surface is nice and smooth, the individual strands have merged into a continuous sheet that peels off as one piece, Mamma bear is home... your surface is 'Just Right!'   🙂

NOTE, you can adjust 'Live Z' as the print is running...

regards Joan

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Posted : 30/11/2019 4:22 pm