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Sides of part curving out at top  

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Sides of part curving out at top

This is using Prusa PETG and their profile in prusaslicer with a few tweaks (and one of their files for the MK3 to MK4 upgrade parts) but bed temp is 85/90 and filament temp 240/250 is plus I've been drying and heating it in a Sunlu S2 before and during the print and I'm getting this reverse elephants foot where the top of the model is bending out as the layers increase.  Only really seems to be an issue on thinner pieces.  In this photo it looks like the bottom has a bit more bulge to it than it does in reality.

Posted : 17/08/2023 10:21 am
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RE: Sides of part curving out at top

Try changing the slicer setting: "External perimeters first"

Posted : 19/08/2023 6:18 am
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