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Can I buy / sell my spot in the XL reservation que?  

Same Old Shane
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Can I buy / sell my spot in the XL reservation que?

Greetings all; 

I've seen people asking if they can buy or sell spots in the reservation system for the XL. The official TL;DR is no. There are a few reason why this is not an option. 

Orders can not be transferred between one account to another especially when there is a payment placed on that order. Our system is not set up for that for various reasons.

Lets say you have 2 very good friends who set up a agreement to sell and buy the spot. So John sells Tom his spot, but the way the system is set up, the printer would still need to be shipped to Johns house and stay under John's account. IF there was a case of a warranty claim after the sale, it would need to go under Johns account. This would be the good version of this.

The bad version is, say you have Rob and Jeff, Rob sells his spot to Jeff and collects money. But the order still needs to be under Robs account. The time comes and Rob decides to take the money and run and keeps his order, OR tries to sell his spot to multiple people. There is nothing that we (Prusa) can do about that as it would be an outside exchange and we would not be able to enforce anything. 

I am not saying that all people are bad and the world is overflowing with scammers, there are some genuine good people around, but there was some serious thought put into this and for the safety of our customers and community, it is not possible to transfer your spot in line. Some people can still try and do things how they want, but if you do, you are fully on your own as we (Prusa) can not do anything about 3rd party transactions, nor will switch orders around in anyones account. 

So I hope that helps answer this question. 

Shane (AKA FromPrusa)

Posted : 28/03/2023 1:18 am
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