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Performance With Input Shaper & Pressure Advance  

Walter Witt
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Performance With Input Shaper & Pressure Advance

They managed to print a Benchy on the new Mk4 in under 20 mins using Input Shaper, and Pressure Advance. And that's on a GODDAMN BED SLINGER! Think about how much compensation it would have to do for the Y axis! Just imagine the kind of performance they can squeeze out of the new core XY kinematics. And the XL is gonna have an accelerometer built into the extruder, vs the Mk4s "factory calibration" and accelerometer add on(?) so you can continuously tune and re-tune the input shaper for maximum performance!

Posted : 29/03/2023 7:57 pm
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RE: Performance With Input Shaper & Pressure Advance

Depending on how the test is run, it isn't advisable to keep running an input shaper calibration test. It puts a lot of stress on all moving parts and can work loose fixings. If you keep 'fine tuning' the gains will diminish and you might end up with more issues with the longevity of bearings/belts etc.  

Posted : 29/03/2023 10:10 pm
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RE: Performance With Input Shaper & Pressure Advance

Personally,I believe that any performance increase will be severely limited by melt volume.  On both Mk4 and the XL.  Especially when using a larger nozzle and taller layers.



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Posted : 30/03/2023 7:53 am
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I really hope we will get some rough estimates (like for the MK4 benchy) for the XL. Currently really unsure if I want to stay with the XL or not (and no, I dont need 10000000mm/s, but a rough ballpark would tell me, if I am better with the MK4 or not (money/printvolume/... requirements on my side, not saying XL will be slower or anything)

And yes, I am deciding between XL and MK4 with MMU3 because I would basically need a print volume in between and "only" the ability to print with a second material being PLA for PETG separation layers. Nothing more. But that combination makes it hard for me to justify the full price of a 2 head XL vs. MK4 with MMU3 (which I could put in an enclosure much more easily).

Posted : 31/03/2023 2:38 pm

Input Shaper is really cool feature:

Posted : 31/03/2023 11:18 pm