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Mini + printing in the air?  

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Mini + printing in the air?

Hello From Texas,

I am 84% through a 2 day print of a toy dinosaur. All of the sudden the printer head moved up about one inch above the dinosaur and then continued print in the air. So I paused the print and the print head moved to the standby position. When I started the print again, the print head stays one inch above the figure and continues to print.

Any solutions on how I can manually lower the print head to the item I'm printing?

Hopefully I don't have to start over again.




Posted : 10/07/2023 9:04 pm
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RE: Mini + printing in the air?

CNC Kitchen has some good guides on how to resume prints.

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Posted : 11/07/2023 11:17 am
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RE: Mini + printing in the air?

There is no way to resume it as there is some error in gcode. Put gcode in a zip file and upload here also add the 3mf file prusa slicer file save project files 

Please help me out by downloading a model it's free and easy but really helps me out

Posted : 11/07/2023 9:45 pm
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RE: Mini + printing in the air?

Bite the bullet and start again. The time you'll spend trying to figure out how to restart the gcode is more than printing it again. But I'd print something smaller first, to make sure there's no persistent hardware issue.

Posted : 12/07/2023 12:32 am
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RE: Mini + printing in the air?

Thanks for the advice.

I went ahead and reprinted the item. After watching multiple YouTube videos, I was able to modify the G Code. However, I still could not correctly align the starting position on the print. The GOOD news, I did learn a lot about the G-code.


Posted : 17/07/2023 10:40 pm