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How to print STL files  

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How to print STL files

My printer (MINI+) seems unable to recognize stl files when I try to print them. I thought those were a recognized file type but no files appear when I plug in my USB and try to print. Are there drivers I am missing or a guide somewhere on how to print these file types?

Posted : 13/07/2022 12:10 am
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You're missing a step, that's why it doesn't work. The printer undestands G-code (a series of instructions to follow), not STL (a description of 3D geometry).

To print a STL, you'll need to open it in PrusaSlicer and set some basic settings such as your printer and filament type. Then, from PrusaSlicer you'll export a .gcode file to your USB key. Then plug the USB key into your printer and it'll know what to do with it.

I strongly suggest that you read the "Printing Your Own Models" section of the 3D Printing Handbook that came with your MINI. All of the info you'll need is there.

Hope this helps!

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Posted : 13/07/2022 1:54 am
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