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Blobs when priting with 0.6mm nozzle  

Blobs when priting with 0.6mm nozzle

I recently change the nozzle from a 0.4mm to a 0.6mm and start seeing some blobs. I presume that when printing models at lower layer heights blobs were not somewhat too visible, they only start to be more visible when printing at 0.3mm and above.

I've did a lot of testing without any sucess, so I get back to the presets. I'm very new to 3d printing so I don't know too much technical stuff, the only thing that seems to decrease blobs a little is to decimate to models to a lower resolution.

I would appreciate if anyone have any settings to share that could improve or remove the blobs completely, not sure if it's possible.

Posted : 29/09/2023 3:11 pm