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Which heatbreak is better? Request for opinions!  

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Which heatbreak is better? Request for opinions!

Hello guys, I was considering having a back up heatbreak for my mini and avoid clogging. Which brand/model do you recommend me to buy?  Can you give your opinions about those brands if you had bought it

Here I include the ones I was considering:


Thank you!

Posted : 08/01/2023 9:59 pm
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RE: Which heatbreak is better? Request for opinions!

I don't think it is that simple as there being a "best" heatbreak. I've been reading this forum for years and seen reports both good and bad for all of them. I don't have experience with any of the third party ones, but if assembled and set up correctly per the exact Prusa instructions, the stock Prusa one has worked for me for almost three years now for PETG, ASA, PC Blend and TPU. Each filament brand and color is different, so I am sure that one heatbreak or another might be better for one filament while being worse for another. The Prusa seems to be "good enough" for everything I have tried.

I did have to completely rebuild my hot end when it got clogged and gummed up with cooked on filament. I followed the assembly instructions to the letter, and they have changed over the years.



Posted : 09/01/2023 12:41 am
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RE: Which heatbreak is better? Request for opinions!

I myself only use the original Prusa accessories.

Perhaps that is not the best hotend heatbreak,

but it will ultimately ensure that you will encounter the fewest problems with replacement.

So I say go for the original Prusa.

Posted : 09/01/2023 9:00 am
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RE: Which heatbreak is better? Request for opinions!

I'm a huge fan of titanium heatbreaks. Titanium has lower thermal conductivity. So when in direct comparison to a steal heatbreak, one can get away with less cooling of the hotend, thus reducing fan noise. 


Don't have any personal experience with the above linked model though. 

Prusa Mini FW4.4.1

Posted : 30/01/2023 5:22 pm