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Post-crash checks, maintenance  

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Post-crash checks, maintenance

Due to a g-code experiment gone awry, I drove the print head straight down into a solid infill part, deflecting the corner of the bed down a good 4-5mm or so before I hit reset. I didn't hear any breaking noises, I backed the Z axis off as soon as it finished rebooting, and it seemed to bounce back ok. I recalibrated the z axis and I have a (safe, non-experimental) print running now and it seems to be going alright, so nothing's obviously broken. But are there any procedures I should follow after a major crash like that? Things I should disassemble, subtler damage or misalignments I should check for? Is the fact that I had to recalibrate an indicator of larger problems?

Also, is there just no crash detection on the Mini+? I figured with the Trinamic drivers (and the fact that sensorless homing uses the same current-sense circuits) it would at least be able to detect something drastic like this.


Posted : 13/11/2021 9:05 am
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RE: Post-crash checks, maintenance

I would check the heat bed. By removing the steel sheet you can have a peek, and make sure everything is levelled. If the heat bed is damaged, call up Prusa Support. I would also see if that corner properly heats by preheating to a safe temperature and tenderly touching it, see if it heated evenly.

Posted : 24/11/2021 9:50 pm