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Orange cable is melting near nozzle  

Julie Pearl
Orange cable is melting near nozzle

I had an issue where the sheet moved during printing (see photo).  When I looked closer, I noticed that one of the cables next to the nozzle seems melted and it's accumulating near the nozzle. 

I have no idea what happened or how to fix it, but I'm concerned because it doesn't seem like something I can fix on my own.  Any thoughts?

Postato : 04/05/2023 2:26 am
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RE: Orange cable is melting near nozzle

Hi Julie, 
It is extremely unlikely that the cables are melting. 

this sort of issue often follows a blob of doom, where the  accumulated waste filament was not completely removed, or
after a nozzle has been changed / loosened and not properly refitted... 

Is there any melted filament on the top of the heatblock? this can melt and dribble down the side of the heatblock, giving the appearance of what you are seeing. 
One common cause is changing the nozzle for the wrong type. a Mk8 Nozzle, for instance, may look just like an e3d nozzle, but the screw thread is about 1mm shorter, and this leads to leakage between the nozzle and the heatbreak. 
regards Joan

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Postato : 04/05/2023 8:20 pm