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Filament stuck in sensor while runout unloading  

Filament stuck in sensor while runout unloading

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my Mini: when filament runs out, it gets detected and the automatic unloading starts. At that point the filament sometimes gets stuck in the filament sensor, and the extruder pushes out the PTFE tube from the extruder housing. So in the sensor the filament after it goes thru the ball can not go backwards. It's better when there is no short PTFE tube on the sensors infeed hole, but it can hit something in there. I made a new short tube, even chamfered the inner part of the tube, but it does not work. A filament with some curve in the filament (from the spooling) stucks in some positions.  Have you experienced this? Is there a solution for that?

Posted : 03/05/2023 6:48 pm