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Hot end clogging  

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Hot end clogging

I had after about month and half run into quite a constant issues with Mini. Printing in PLA had turned practically impossible due to constant nozzle/heatbreak clogging. After cold pul, it's OK and situation reappears, had spend hours with support trying to isolate the case, but so far nothing had helped. Turning to you with kind question for advice, if any 🙂

Here is what i had tried (no or little change only):

  • Heatbreak re-assembled, move all the way up
  • New PTFE tube
  • Idler wheel calibration
  • New thermistor and heatblock, nozzle
  • New heatbreak (Bondtech - PID updated)
  • New extruder (Bondtech - Steps updated)
  • In enclosure, out of enclosure, more o less ambient cooling
  • Octoprint ans well as USB stick

Notinhg, bacially necessary to print PLA over 225 elge getting clogger hotend in about 10 - 15 minutes after the print, depending on the retraction bening necessary for the model (slicing in PrusaSlicer 2.2.0). Only printable with PETG, but even there visible artifacts compared to same model printed on my other bowden feed printer. Forgot to say that it was tested on multiple brands and colors of PLA including Prusament.

Im already clueless, thanks for reading and advice 🙂


Posted : 19/05/2020 2:41 pm