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Adjust nozzle Z, bed to low?  

Mario M
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Adjust nozzle Z, bed to low?

Hi there,
Prints on the powder-coated sheet do not stick. Doing the first layer calibration the nozzle can't be lowered enough. Even at the max of - 2.000 the print is round and loose. 

When I use the smooth PEI sheet, nozzle height 1.885 gives fine prints.

How can I adjust the adjustment?

Posted : 25/07/2021 7:30 am
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You'll need to reposition the PINDA higher.

The Super PINDA should have about 1.5 mm distance between nozzle and SPINDA, so that you’re around -1 when your Live Z is correct. (For the old PINDA, it was 0.8mm).

Instructions for adjusting the PINDA are in Step 16 of (Mini)

I put this little helper on to help position the SPINDA: Works better than zip ties or credit cards, which have less well-defined heights.

May sound counter-intuitive to move the PINDA higher, but by doing so the nozzle can move closer to the print bed before the PINDA triggers. For an illustration of relationship of distance of PINDA to nozzle and sheet, see

Posted : 25/07/2021 11:49 am
Mario M
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Topic starter answered:

Adjusting the PINDA height did the trick. Thanks.

Posted : 26/07/2021 9:13 am