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Suggestion for "why was this print stopped" options  

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Suggestion for "why was this print stopped" options

Hello - a few times now, I've had to stop a print for reasons totally unrelated to the print quality. Today I had started a print for a project and realized there was a better way to do it, so I cancelled the print at 6%.  A few times I accidentally sent the file to connect twice, so there was a duplicate in the queue - stuff like that.

All of the reasons you can select for "why did you cancel the print" all deal with print issues, ie spaghetti monster, didn't adhere, etc. I assume this data is being collected to improve quality.

I'd like to see at least one option that indicates the print was fine, and was cancelled for a non-quality reason!   I know I can just not submit a report, but that feels wrong to me. 



Posted : 02/04/2024 5:33 pm