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New Mini+ and I have a couple questions! 🙂  

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New Mini+ and I have a couple questions! 🙂

Hi all,
Just got my Mini+ and I can't for the life of me see on the display the time remaining until color / filament change? On my MK3S+ it quite obviously states time remaining and time until color change and flicks between the two on the display. It works fine on the Mini but it would be handy to know the time until color change? Or am I just missing something?

Second question, the LED on the rear of the bed, on my MK3S+ it is constantly on when the bed is heating, on the Mini it is a epileptic fit inducing constant flashing. Like annoyingly so, it also seems much brighter than the MK3S+ and it lights up the whole room at night like it is some sort of red light disco. I thought the fire brigade was at my house! hahaha Is this normal behavior for the Mini and if so, WHY or WHY did some whiz decide to change to a flashing LED? It sucks. LOL  oh or is my MK3S+ supposed to flash too?

Other than that, Thanks Prusa for yet another "just works" printer, I likey, a lot (except the flashing LED LOL). 🙂

Posted : 22/01/2022 4:37 am
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RE: New Mini+ and I have a couple questions! 🙂

About remaining time for color change... Maybe that changed on latest firmware (which is supposed to be a major new version), but you're right: no time indication when to expect filament change. So we need to count layers. Wait! -there's no layer count either. Ok, we will pay attention on nozzle height 😐 .

Heat bed flashing light... Correct behavior is: when printer starts heating the bed, led will lit constantly and slowly start blinking when approaching desired bed temperature. When bed temperature is reached, led will blink at about 50/50 ratio. Actually, led status is a direct indicator of heating element turning on and off.

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Posted : 22/01/2022 8:40 am