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Ethernet - so it works like a normal printer?  

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RE: Ethernet - so it works like a normal printer?
Posted by: @adesir

Looks like you're waiting for the i3 Mk4. Not yet announced.
If you are old, you can remember how the paper printers have evolved from expensive dot matrix with only parrallel ports to cheap inkjet with full network print server inside. Time is needed.

I'm a big fan of my Mini, having used it for almost two years now, used it for hundreds of hours and dozens of rolls of filament. There have been some issues, mostly related to wearout of the PTFE tube in the hot end, but I consider that maintenance after the high usage. I rebuilt the hot end per the excellent Prusa documentation and it prints well again.

All that being said, they have dropped the ball on Ethernet support. Printing via Ethernet was part of the original announcement in October 2019 and has not been delivered yet, more than two years later. That is a lot of time.



Posted : 22/01/2022 4:47 pm
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RE: Ethernet - so it works like a normal printer?

Yeah, of course it took time, but it took time because we developed all the tech to get there and had to wait for cost reduction. Now we start in a world were all the tech is there and for cheap. I mean the ethernet HW is ready on the board. 

Honestly, I am quite disappointed when companies launch a half made product. You either buy it early and regret the promised stuff not happening. Or you wait and wait and wait and by the time it's there you moved on. 

Posted : 22/01/2022 10:30 pm
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