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Printing spiral vase with 0.4mm nozzle  

Printing spiral vase with 0.4mm nozzle

I'm trying to achieve a 1.2mm extrusion thickness with 0.4mm nozzle in spiral mode. I'm using multicolor silk PLA. As you can see in the pictures I'm not able to get a smooth surface. I'm not sure what is causing this and how to fix this. There are sections where the surface does not have any issues. I don't know if it is insufficient cooling or something else that's causing this issue.  I was also testing with a 0.8 nozzle and cooling was definitely and issue for small perimeters which led me to swap the fan duct with this one and I have found this duct to be performing better on a test object about 23mm wide on the wider end (last picture shows the test object printed with 0.4mm nozzle and the improved fan duct).

Any help is appreciated. Please let me know if I need to add anymore information here.

Prusa project file: vase mode 1.3mf

I'm using a modified version of "0.20mm STRUCTURAL @MK4IS 0.4" profile.

Posted : 23/04/2024 5:46 pm