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Bed Leveling Failed - off by miles!  

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Bed Leveling Failed - off by miles!

Recently I have bed leveling failed error a when I watch it’s off by miles.  The printer does nozzle clean fine, then it goes to level and for a few spots it’s OK then suddenly off and steps farther away. At the same time my printer started sounding like a freight train from the printer hot end fan. If I tap my finger on the fan I can feel it’s vibrating like nuts. Are they related I don’t know? 
load cell test passes during calibration. 
z axis calibration passes. Heck I’ll save some trouble the whole printer passes calibration test. 
I cannot find anywhere a Prusa article on MK4 bed leveling failed. 

got any ideas? 

Posted : 19/05/2024 10:18 pm