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Solid layer perimeter bulge  

Solid layer perimeter bulge

My prints are suffering from the solid top infill layer "bulge" that is described heavily in some older posts. In fact, it's so bad that the bulged layers even delaminate in some areas. A hammer test showed that these layers are extremely brittle. While the older posts had some ideas, none were applicable to the Mk4, modern PrusaSlicer, or input shaping. I tried all of the following with no improvement. The problem is happening with PETG.

  1. Disabled input shaper
  2. Tried different brand of PETG filament (Overture and Jessie)
  3. Opened enclosure
  4. Updated firmware and prusa slicer
  5. Enabled/disabled binary geode
  6. Disabled fuzzy skin
  7. Enabled external perimeters first
  8. Turned arachne perimeter Generation off and Enabled thin wall detection.

Some things I haven't tried yet.

  1. A different slicer
  2. Same print with PLA
  3. Same print on my Mk3S

I am running out of ideas if anyone has any thoughts.

Posted : 09/12/2023 4:08 pm