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Problems with esun pla+ sticking to the bed  

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Problems with esun pla+ sticking to the bed

Hello all,

The past couple of days have been a nightmare with regards to printing esun pla+.

I have a few rolls of this material in different colours. I tried printing a phone stand for my sister and it took a few tries, some parts were just not sticking. I fiddled a little with the print settings and thought that the best settings for that material were setting the bed temp to 75 degrees Celsius with the textured sheet. Everything went well, the texture was awesome etc. I then tried to print this with the purple filament, and after a few tries it just couldn't stick. I tried cleaning the bed, adjusting the bed temp up to 85, and nothing worked. Then, using the same settings, I tried with the white esun pla+. It almost worked, apart from a small layer shift. Tried again with the blue colour, and it didn't stick again. The prusa pla didn't have a problem, and neither did the prusa petg, all with the stock settings and at the same spot (different model tho).

I reached my wit's end trying to troubleshoot it. I was almost ready to open a thread asking for a solution, and then it dawned on me that for the past two months I've been printing with petg and on the textured sheet. I switched to the smooth one today with the stock settings for esun pla on the slicer  and so far so good, it's reached farther than any other attempt without a hitch.

I guess I wrote all this just to help anyone having the same issues and just to vent I guess. Also if you have any advice for making the filament stick to the textured sheet would be welcome, because, I can't stress this enough, I really like the texture of the textured sheet.


Thanks for reading so far.

Posted : 14/04/2024 3:15 pm
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I print eSun Petg on the satin sheet and I find the black is just perfect on generic Petg profile in prusa slicer, however the white is another story, if the ambient drops below 25 deg in the enclosure then it unglues itself. 

only ever printed PLA (lots of different brands) on the smooth sheet and never had any problems with bed adhesion, but I have found that different colours of the same brand REALLY behave differently when extruding. Elegoo yellow blobs terribly whereas the red or blue is fine.  So your experience rings true with what I have seen. 

to be honest, the smooth sheet is recommended for PLA. 

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Posted : 21/04/2024 10:06 am
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RE: Problems with esun pla+ sticking to the bed

I also had issues with this filament but then I discovered how to use the glue stick.

In the past I thought that using a gluestick is a total mess, but I am using it only a bit once a week and that improved things a lot.

Posted : 21/04/2024 12:14 pm
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