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Prusa XL or two MK3S+? Poll is created on Jun 29, 2022


So... One Prusa XL, or two MK3S+ ??  

Wayne Hunt
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So... One Prusa XL, or two MK3S+ ??


I have a Prusa XL on pre-order.  I don't really have a solid reason for doing so, but I've been craving a new printer, I've always wanted a larger printer, and -- since my printers reside in a shared home office -- noise control is of a real concern for me.  I wish -- being a CoreXY printer  -- the Prusa XL were much faster (especially with such a large bed), but for once, I would like a printer that is actually (really) supported, which leads me to Prusa.

My current Anycubic Vyper resides in a repurposed and noise insulated 36" kitchen base cabinet.  When the XL gets here, I know said cabinet will need to be retired because the XL is actually XL and won't fit..   As a rule, I have been basically futzing around for a year now learning the ins/out of 3D printing with the eventual intent of designing/printing/selling as a side business...

Sorry for babbling on... My question is this... 

In your opinion, considering it's my iffy goal of running printers as a side-hustle, would it be better to wait for the XL and be happy (even replacing the silenced cabinet), or would I get better productivity out of buying two MK3+ printers instead?   Why?



Posted : 29/06/2022 9:41 am
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RE: So... One Prusa XL, or two MK3S+ ??

For me, it's a simple answer: I'd go with two Mk3S+ — unless the large build volume is required for single objects or the multi-tool capabilities are essential for your business idea. Several reasons:

a) Mk3S is tried and true. XL will have the usual hiccups of a new product line.

b) If someone breaks, you'll be dead in the water with only one printer. If you want to use them for a side hustle, your business will be on hiatus until that sole printer is fixed. With two, you can at least keep going at a reduced rate.

c) I usually prefer to go with more print runs of fewer objects, rather than filling up the sheet. If something goes wrong— and inevitably something WILL go wrong at some time—I lose less time and material. And compared to the length of the print jobs I typically run, the time required to clean the plate and restart is a minor element.  So I'd be unlikely to ever fill the sheet of an XL—unless it's a very large object, which is not in my current catalog.

Disclosure: I *do* have an XL on pre-order. For me, it's the multi-tool capabilities that are important.

Posted : 29/06/2022 10:04 am
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RE: So... One Prusa XL, or two MK3S+ ??

What fuchsr said.

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Posted : 29/06/2022 10:07 am
Chris Laudermilk
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RE: So... One Prusa XL, or two MK3S+ ??


Posted by: @robin

What fuchsr said.

This. 😉 

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Posted : 29/06/2022 1:18 pm
Eric E
RE: So... One Prusa XL, or two MK3S+ ??

Yup.  Wise people with wise words. +1 to above. 

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Posted : 30/06/2022 6:42 am
RE: So... One Prusa XL, or two MK3S+ ??

If you do not need 14x14x14 inch volume for a single print, the answer is easy - 1,2,3, or even 4 MK3S+.  The only reason I bought an XL is I need the volume.  If I were going to use the volume to print multiple items and did not need it for a single 14-inch item, then I would buy a smaller printer.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 30/06/2022 11:50 am
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RE: So... One Prusa XL, or two MK3S+ ??

would I get better productivity

i voted for one XL.

  • Reasons:  Much more versatile machine with much less limitations
  • 2 or more real extruders possible with different nozzle sizes
  • Nextruder technology / loadcell sensor promises instant detection of print problems
  • no-leaks nozzle-heatbreak
  • "always perfect first layer" means much less dialing in for the user
  • segmented and partially switchable heated bed

Once the nextruder might be available in a MK3 it would be a more difficult decision for me.


Posted : 30/06/2022 12:15 pm
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Wishful thinking says :  XL  and MK3S+.  Reality says :  one MK3S+ only. No available room for two MK3S+ or a single XL. That solves my dilemma... unless I get rid of some pesky furniture in the living room to clear space for an extra XL. What a brilliant idea !.

If only I could convince her Majesty, the lady of the house. 😋 

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Posted : 30/06/2022 1:39 pm