Size of Prusa Enclosure vs Lack Enclosure
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Size of Prusa Enclosure vs Lack Enclosure  

Tom De Winter
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Size of Prusa Enclosure vs Lack Enclosure

I have my MK-3s+ with MMU in a Lack enclosure with the spools mounted on top of the lid and the buffer on the back.

I'd like to do something like @chris-hill is doing with everything inside for my MK-4/MMU3. Looks like it's going to be pretty tight and may not work if the Lack is smaller.

Do any of you know the dimensions of the Lack vs the Prusa enclosure? 

Posted : 13/04/2024 10:39 pm
Chris Hill
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RE: Size of Prusa Enclosure vs Lack Enclosure

Hi Tom

The internal dimensions of the Prusa enclosure are approx. 52.5cm wide x 52.5cm tall x 57.5cm deep.

With the lid closed there's about 2.5cm clearance between the top of the MMU body and the underside of the buffer.  With the extruder at it's lowest point there's a similar gap between the feed tube and the buffer.  The feed tube begins to touch the buffer when the extruder is approx. 70mm from the print bed.


With the extruder at maximum Z, the feed tube squeezes up against the buffer and gets pushed over to one side, although the extruder still moves freely over the full range of X travel.  I hope this doesn't cause a problem for taller prints - something to monitor.

Posted : 14/04/2024 8:54 am