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Prusament Galaxy black out of spec  

Jose Miranda
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Prusament Galaxy black out of spec

I am testing the Prusament Galaxy Black PLA and noticed inconsistent extrusion, so I am playing with the settings. I checked the filament diameter and it is consistently 1.66 mm, which is not thaaaaat bad, but also not within Prusament specs. I checked the spool specs and it says it is +-0.013, which should be between 1.737 and 1.763. Is it normal to see diameters smaller than what the filament measurements say?

Posted : 19/10/2019 4:04 am
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RE: Prusament Galaxy black out of spec

And what are you measuring diameter with?  Do you have a dimensional standard to check your tool accuracy?

Posted : 19/10/2019 8:43 am