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Print thin objects  

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Print thin objects

hi All I try to print a thin object but it is not printed. I try to change all dimensions from 100% to 135% and its show on slicer which is my mistake?

I load some print screen to show the slicer status

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Posted : 05/08/2021 3:24 pm
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I add the print sceen

This i the printer on 100 %

If I move to 135% this is the result

Posted : 05/08/2021 3:32 pm
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RE: Print thin objects


Save project file (3mf), ZIP it, Upload it 
That way it is easier to see and understand your problem.

(I Think your lines in "36" are too thin 😉)

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Posted : 05/08/2021 3:35 pm
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Try toggling detect thin walls, model walls are likely just too thin

You can try enabling or disabling Print Settings->Layers and perimeters->Quality->Detect thin walls. As @Ringarn67 notes, your walls may simply be too thin for your selected nozzle and perimeter settings.

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Posted : 05/08/2021 3:48 pm