Print direct via Wifi without seperate Wifi?
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Print direct via Wifi without seperate Wifi?  

Print direct via Wifi without seperate Wifi?


is it possible to send the printjob directly to my MK4 without an exisiting Wifi? Maybe the printer can create his own wifi-network?

The company-wifi is without passwort, only with the niiiiice popup-box after connection. So in this case i could'n connect the printer to Prusa Connect.


Have anyboy a clever solution for this problem?


Thanks a lot from Germany!


Posted : 15/04/2024 12:20 pm
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RE: Print direct via Wifi without seperate Wifi?

Hi Chris, 
do you have access to an ethernet cable connection?

a direct ethernet connection does not need SSID and password. 

or, is it possible to connect to the Wifi using something like this


This device allows you to set up a wired connection via wifi. 

Not sure if it could handle  your wifi manual log on, maybe your company has a Wifi option with standard SSID and Password that the extender could connect to!


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Posted : 15/04/2024 12:43 pm
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RE: Print direct via Wifi without seperate Wifi?

Hi Joan,

in case of the ethernet-cable, the printer is not able to become an IP and therefore no connection to www. All devices are managed and special devices are not allowed.

Same game with the router.




Posted : 15/04/2024 12:51 pm
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It surprised me that Prusa chose to try to “roll their own” networking firmware, instead of using a communication board/system with an OS (like Linux) that provides various login standards (such as Enterprise WPA2/3 which you need) .. You require your printer to apply an Enterprise User ID and password, which the printer won’t support.. (more complex and often requires encryption certificates).

1. You could ask your network admin to reconfigure on of their network wifi devices to also support an SSID and password. I did this with our local College for an X1C. Most of these organizations wireless devices will support multiple types of logins. 

 Not sure exactly what the TP-LINK device above supplies, as I don’t see it sold in Canada.. but you can get very cheap devices that can:

2. Plug into the ethernet wired port of your printer and then create a wifi network with SSID and password that you can connect. The issue with this is that you likely can’t use Prusa Connect/Link as the printer does not have direct connection to the Internet without routing thru your computer.

3. Plug the ethernet of a wireless access point into your company network. Now this may or may not work depending on the security of your organization. (Check with your company’s IT dept before attempting any of these as they may violate an IT policy). Now your printer and you can connect to each other and the Internet. I used this system (before the company reconfigured one of its wifi devices) to connect an X1C to my Mac at work a year ago. This worked well on that printer. 

The easiest and best solution is you ask your IT dept at your company for a solution as they can offer the easiest and best solution and likely help you set it up. 

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Posted : 15/04/2024 2:12 pm
Walter Layher
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RE: Print direct via Wifi without seperate Wifi?

I think Prusa Connect/Link would work via the TP-Link device. I have an older travel router by them. It has something called "WiFi Client Mode" and this acts as a WiFi adapter for any ethernet device in your network. You set up the TP Link router like any WFfi device with SSID and password and the ethernet connection it provides over the ethernet port  is completely transparent and can connect to your LAN/WiFi and the internet over your router with DHCP.

Posted : 15/04/2024 2:46 pm