first off topic discussion for 2023, Poll012023
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first off topic discussion for 2023, Poll012023  

Same Old Shane
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first off topic discussion for 2023, Poll012023

Greetings all;

So I had a thought for the new year and wanted to post it now before I got tied up with something else. So with the start of the new year I thought about redoing my print area / room / shop and was thinking what other people had in their areas. What does your print area looks like? Is it surround with what you printed out? Or is it more functional with 101 tools for everything  needed? Or do you have it all blinged out with LED's, lights and the works? 

So lets see your set ups? With the holiday season, there are lots of people who are just starting out with 3D printing, what are some suggestions or tips would you offer to others? For example, for me.. I'm not the most organized with my workspace (but I'm working on getting it organized) but if I have something that I need often, say a USB / SD card holder, I will make it in a brighter color that the rest of the of the things so I can find it "easier" (more like me digging around looking for something that is Prusa orange).

So lets see your set ups and lets hear your suggestions and tips 🙂 

Shane (AKA FromPrusa)

Posted : 01/02/2023 7:45 am
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Not much to look at. The walls are still torn out from last years flood (Hurricane Ida gave us 1 foot water).

The workbench son-in-law built survived. A nice 2x4" wood worktop. He just added the level underneath to hold the wood.

Have a Coleman icebox below with some drying agent and open filament. New filament is on the shelf off to the right.

Have a nice LED overhead strip light with motion detect to turn on the lights. With 2- Arlo cameras pointing at the print so I can monitor print status from in the house.

Of course the new Original PRUSA MK3S+.

In a PRUSABOX by Printer-Box. That has a built in LED task light, fan and filter.

Posted : 11/03/2023 1:03 pm
Extra Fox
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RE: first off topic discussion for 2023, Poll012023

I'm still working on my printing setup for my Mk3. I've got it in an enclosure which I went full tilt on with screens, automatic fans, fire suppression, lights, and more.

It sits on a metal projector cart from the 1950's that I bought as surplus from a local university. I'm currently adding aluminum extrusions to be able to add some storage in the form of drawers. I'm still working on that part. As you can see by the mess below.


Posted : 11/03/2023 5:23 pm
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A lot going on in a small space. Near ocean so humidity always above 60%. Hence all the fabricated dry boxes.  The SKADIS pegboard is so much better than the cheaper round hole versions. I use the 2.5/3mm TNUT system on printables to anchor all the holders. Those round humidity sensors have extremely poor accuracy. So every drybox has an Aqara humidy/temp sensor, and the camera is also an Aqara hub which folds nicely into HomeKit. I can monitor all prints from anywhere and also get a drybox to send me an alarm if the humidity goes over a certain limit. (I then 'microwave' the dessicant to recharge). A Pi4 under the table provides Octoprint. A DIN rail on wall holds the bottom row of dryboxes.

Click on picture to see the full image as its clipped inside of post.

Posted : 11/03/2023 8:05 pm
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