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Enclosure ideas w/ Air filtration?  

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Enclosure ideas w/ Air filtration?

How has everyone created an enclosed system that filters the particles from prints? I have considered created an enclosure from clear polycarbonate, with a fan and HEPA filter on one side.

Things of Note:

  • Considering that some materials require stable air - the fan would need an on/off switch, only turning on after the print is complete.
  • Where can I find data on the size of the microparticles emitted? (to gauge efficacy of HEPA filters or soldering fume extractors)
Posted : 22/06/2021 9:35 pm
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RE: Enclosure ideas w/ Air filtration?

if you Google for Prusa enclosures you'll find a handful of commercial options, most--if not all--of which provide the option to add a filter. They're not cheap but if you print a lot of potentially dangerous filament types it may be well worth it. I can't recommend any in particular as 80% of what I print is PETG so I'm fine with a LACK enclosure for the occasional ABS. 

Posted : 24/06/2021 1:17 pm
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Dan Rogers
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RE: Enclosure ideas w/ Air filtration?

I use a makergadgets enclosure - It came with a HEPA filter and active carbon filter built into the chamber, weather sealed doors and has an option for a programmable exhaust fan that I made a 2.5 inch duct adapter to fit.  The combination lets me run the enclosure closed (with the HEPA filter running) for printing ABS - this helps keep the temp up so warping is controlled nicely - and then the thermostatic exhaust fan will pull air (well above the print surface) out and let new air in.  The exhaust fan can be pre-installed so that it only exhausts air that has passed thru the HEPA and active carbon filter layers.  You can find their options at  It comes flat packed - you have to put it together - but that was part of the fun.  The folks at are very supportive, and run a small biz selling enclosures and related gadgets.

Posted : 24/06/2021 1:31 pm
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RE: Enclosure ideas w/ Air filtration?

If your location allows it, even better than a filter is simply to vent the fumes to the outside. I added a clothes dryer vent to my wall and connected my enclosure to it. A fan inside the enclosure pushes the air out. This reduces the smell and health risks.

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Posted : 25/06/2021 8:56 pm
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RE: Enclosure ideas w/ Air filtration?

An alternative to filters is simply venting the fumes outside of your location. A fan inside the enclosure pushes the air out. As a result, the smell and health risks are reduced.  

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Posted : 27/12/2021 10:30 am
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RE: Enclosure ideas w/ Air filtration?

Is the concern contamination from the printer to the surrounding environment or the other way around?  If it is the latter, you'd likely need an organic filter setup, but I can't imagine it being remotely necessary unless printing using unconventional filament that outgasses excessively.  

Posted : 08/01/2022 1:01 am
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RE: Enclosure ideas w/ Air filtration?

I am putting together aMMU2 case from 3dupfitters right now. You can an an optional charcoal filter which also has an outdoor venting hose attachment.

Posted : 08/01/2022 2:43 pm